We had a lovely family weekend with several get togethers, lots of quality cousin time, yummy food, a visit from the bunny, three egg hunts, Easter dresses, and church on Sunday.


The El cousins on Saturday.



I tried to get a photo of all 4 of mine but as you can see, G wasn’t being particularly cooperative.


Great Pyrenees Tennessee

J and E with Leo.


Easter egg Hunt Knoxville

Cousins, NC, C and G getting ready to hunt up some eggs at the farm. Look at how much taller 10 year old NC is than 10 year old C. NC and C are only 4 weeks apart in age.


Elliot Granju

My boy at 20.


Georgia Hickman

G hunting for eggs down by the pond.


Elliot Granju

Another shot I like of E, enjoying the Saturday afternoon sunshine while the littles hunted for eggs.


cousins jump

Hickman & Tant cousins jump during the 3rd egg hunt of the weekend at Jon’s parents’ house.


Easter 16

H and NC at the Hickman family egg hunt.


Easter church dresses

C and G, ready for Easter church services.


Easter Bunny Cake

El with the Easter Bunny cake that Aunt Betsy made. My mother used to make these for Easter every year. She also made one for the cast party for my high school play “Harvey.”


Georgia Hickman

G runs for eggs on Saturday afternoon.


Charlotte Hickman

C complained of a tummy ache and headache off and on on Saturday. When I saw her fall asleep in the car on the way home from church on Sunday (clutching her new stuffed lamb that the Easter Bunny brought), I knew she was getting sick. She rallied for Sunday afternoon/evening festivities but sure enough, she woke up Monday morning with a headache, chills, and a fever of 102. No school today.


Did your family celebrate Passover or Easter this weekend? What did you do? What are some of your family traditions? Does the Easter Bunny come to your house? What did he bring this year? I hope that your family’s weekend celebrations were as relaxing and fun as ours were this year.

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