So about 2am three nights ago I woke up because my chest suddenly started hurting – a lot. The chest pain got worse and worse until I was pacing the house in tears. I tried taking a hot bath, taking ibuprofen, taking a medicine for acid reflux but the pain just got worse to the point that I was curled up on Leo’s dog bed with him, crying.

I didn’t want to wake Jon up because it’s tax season and he’s been working 20 hours a day so I waited until he woke up to tell him how bad I was hurting. I told him that it hurt enough that I thought I’d better go to the ER. He totally agreed so he took C & G to his parents’ house and came home to take me to to the hospital.

By this time I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk. I now know what “doubled over in pain” means. As soon as we told the admitting clerk my symptoms, I was immediately whisked by wheelchair to have an EKG and a CT scan. They don’t mess around with anyone who has potential heart attack symptoms.

UPDATE: Well, after 2 days of being subjected to every single heart test known to man, they’ve decided that my heart is not the problem. I have to have a sleep study and an upper GI study from a specialist. Obviously I am relieved but I continue to suffer from heart pain (which they say is not actually heart pain) as I get ready to be discharged. The thought of using a CPAP machine is totally mortifying to me and would, I think, be the end of romance in my marriage. I think the machine might make Jon want to sleep in another room. They also said that, duh, I need to lose weight. So I’m supposed to start a PPI anti reflux medication tonight and get the sleep study ASAP. I’m also supposed to follow up with my primary care physician about my shortness of breath. So they’ve ruled out any heart problems, which is good, but I still have stuff to do. Argh. I never would have guessed GERD  because I have never experienced any reflux symptoms whatsoever but he feels strongly that lack of high quality sleep from GERD, which can cause chest pain is a large part of what’s going on. Oh, when they were running all these tests they also checked my gall bladder and it’s jus fine.

Oh, and may I just mention that having doctors and nurses mention repeatedly in front of family members, including your husband that you need to lose weight ranks right up there with the most mortifying thing I’ve had happen to me in a while?

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