Updates on the Couch25k effort:

  • I am beyond out of shape. I can’t yet even do even the minimum running that the c25k app asks for. But I’ll keep at it until I get there and then take it as slowly as I have to to make it to level 2. At this pace, I won’t be entering any 5ks in only 9 weeks as the app promises,  but the tortoise wins the race, right?
  • I hate running
  • My shoes, which I had specially fitted at Fleet Feet fit great in the width and they don’t slip and are – when used for casual walking – the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owed. However, when I run in them I’m getting a weird, uncomfortable feeling in my arches. I can’t tell whether they have too much arch or not enough. I’m going to try adding some arch support and see how that feels.
  • Did I mention that I hate running?
  • I can feel the beginnings of shin pain, which I’ve dealt with while walking a lot in years past so that’s another reason to take things as slowly as the app calls for ( do the workout 3 x weekly).
  • I do feel great after I’ve done even this minimal workout.
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