A guest editorial from my Uncle, former congressional candidate John Anderson of Bell Buckle, Tennessee. He’s extremely active in the growing Bring Our Troops Home movement.

I think I was on Highway 95 in Nevada, having already had my favorite beer and coffee motorcycle breakfast, the poor man’s morning speedball, when I encountered the guarded gate to one of our U.S. Navy’s training ranges. It was barren desert, in the middle of proverbial nowhere, and I could see an old Army tank out on the sand where Top Gun pilots practiced killing.

Part of the Fallon Range I later learned.

As is my garrulous wont, I veered off the narrow road to talk with the sole seaman (yes, a seaman in the desert) who held the gate secure in his small, isolated booth.

It was about seventeen years ago, and I’ll never forget what he said when I asked him his opinion about our new-at-the-time warfare in the Middle East:

“Turn it to glass and take the gas,” he told me.

Kill everyone there, all the sand-n******, with nuclear weapons, I supposed he meant, and then take their resources. He presented his opinion as being representative of that of the enlisted personnel of the U.S. Navy, but I have no reason to believe that generalization. I do imagine that it reflected the view of then-Vice-President Dick Cheney, but I’ve never met Dick and I am prejudiced against him, so who knows.

I don’t judge the young Navy man. 9/11 had recently happened, and President George W. Bush’s painfully disingenuous plea not to blame Muslims wasn’t effectively quelling the natural national hatred. He had by then, in fact, ordered our military to invade Afghanistan and begin slaughter.

Fast forward.

Now about 7,000 U.S. military personnel have been killed (and families, children, spouses, parents, and dear friends pushed forever into a universe of grief), tens of thousands have had their legs, arms, and eyeballs forever blown away… and from my perspective, worse, many thousands have been ordered to blow apart, maim, and kill all manner of people, including children and the “women” our John Wayne mentality always throws into the mix…

Yemeni baby dying of malnutrition

Pardon my French: Fuck this shit. Fuck it and fuck us for allowing it.

I know perfectly well how to call and email my “representatives” in Congress. I am able to say to them, “I will not vote for you unless you stop this slaughter, this useless killing.” I have that power.

Oh, they are patriotic Republican Party politicians. They love America and understand the threat of Sharia. Oh, they are Democratic Party politicians who want Medicare For All.

The three-year-old girl in Syria who will live the rest of her life with stumps instead of arms does not care about the caravan or corporate tax rates.

Will she be blown apart even if U.S. munitions don’t do it? Probably. I can’t make the world perfect. All I can do is stop adding to the evil.

You and I are the problem. You and I are killing people on the other side of the world. You and I are too lazy to take action, and as long as we are lazy, the blood of children (what does “innocent children” mean, the phrase we see occasionally in the “news,” like not the bad, guilty children?) drips off of our hands onto our clean floors.

I have the blood of babies dripping off my self-righteous hands. Unless I badgered my three federal representatives today and every single day, over and over, unless I called all my friends, wrote letters to the paper, stood on the street corner downtown with a sign… that blood is dripping from me.

Let’s take real action in the real world, not just the social media world, to stop this warfare, to stop it now.

I don’t know your spiritual beliefs.

May God bless us all and move us to work aggressively to end U.S. warfare in the Middle East.

John Anderson


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