So my 11 year old niece Nancy Catherine Tant (we call her NancyCat a lot of the time) started singing as a toddler. Ever since she could warble, she’s always loved singing along with her favorite artists. She started out as a devotee of Biz Markie and the Yo Gabba Gabba gang.

Nancy Tant

Here’s NancyCat with Biz Markie at Yo Gabba Gabba Live.

Then she ran through her One Direction and Taylor Swift periods, and today she’s a Grace VanderWaal superfan.

At only 11 years old NancyCat’s familiar with so much good music that she’s frequently introducing me to great artists I’ve never heard of before.

But NancyCat doesn’t just like listening to great music, she loves to perform as well. Her life’s goal is to make it in the music biz, and even though she’s only in 6th grade, she’s well on her way.

Here’s NancyCat performing “Just a Crush” by Grace VanderWaal.


In addition to having a gorgeous, unique voice, Nancy also plays the ukulele. And to prepare herself for the performing career she’s deadset on having, she busks downtown, plays regularly at local open mic nights (often as the youngest performer there), she volunteers by playing music for adoptable animals at the shelter, and at only 11, she has already auditioned twice for America’s Got Talent. 

Nancy Tant

Nancy at her first AGT audition when she was 10.

And she’s already developing her own fan base. She has her own Twitter and Instagram fan accounts (both carefully supervised by her mom) where has more than 1200 Twitter fans and 1500 Instagram followers. She’s also just getting started on You Tube.

And her fans love her! Check it out: this Twitter video of NancyCat playing House of Gold by 21 Pilots already has MORE THAN NINETEEN THOUSAND VIEWS!!


Here’s NancyCat playing for a fan she met while out walking on the beach this summer.

Nancy Tant

And here she is the other day playing “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. I just love her voice and I have no doubt that in not too many years, NancyCat will be the artist that other little girls will be singing along with. I’m so proud of how hard our girl is working to go after her dream. I am 100% sure she’ll achieve it.


And here’s one more – a Twitter fan favorite. (Be sure to listen to this whole clip. I think that it really showcases her uniquely lovely voice)





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