I love that our house is full of toys. I don’t always enjoy picking them up and putting them away (even with the girls helping,which makes a time consuming effort even more time consuming) but I’m always glad to see the dolls and stuffed animals having a tea party or the bathtub full of naked Barbies and Breyer horses. Why? Because I have older children and I know just how quickly time passes and with that passing of time comes waning interest in the roller skates and jump ropes and hula hoops, the things that I’m constantly having to move out of the driveway. When I find myself frustrated with a particular mess that the girls have made with their toys, I always try to tell myself this: it all goes SO FAST. It just seems like yesterday when it was J’s 10th birthday and she was so excited to get the doll carriage she wanted. Now she’s all grown up, for real, living in another city, in her own house with her own job and life. How did that happen in the blink of an eye?

What’s that saying? The days are long but the years are short. That’s true of nothing so much as parenting. One day you wake up and they’re simply not interested in playing with their dolls any longer. So cherish the days until that one comes. I know that I do.

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