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Have you lost someone to drugs? Live in the #Knoxville area? Join us for tonight’s monthly GRASP (Grief Recovery After Substance Passing) mtg. 7pm at St. James Episcopal Church at 1101 N. Broadway in Knoxville. Plenty of parking. Warm support for you in your grief. Pls RT

The 8 year old at dinner tonight: “Mama, do the people at Simmons College know how old you are?”

This week is Henry’s birthday week. I wonder every year what he would be doing. If you’re the parent of a college student or young adult, be sure that you don’t miss a chance to let them know how much you love them - this week and every week. #addiction #overdose #childloss

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Why Medium Trumps WordPress

Why Medium Trumps WordPress

I've been blogging at Wordpress for years now. In fact, the blog you're reading is built on a Wordpress platform. But now, as you've noticed,I'm publishing a lot of my essays and stories over at Medium. Here's why....

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by Aug 18, 2018