I got a call today from one of the administrative aides working with one of the lawmakers sponsoring Henry’s Law. She was calling to let me know that Henry’s Law was officially included as a line item in Governor Haslam’s final budget, which was delivered for committee review yesterday. Tennessee state flag

This means that Henry’s Law will be part of Tennessee’s Criminal Code, and specifically part of the Code’s Second Degree Homicide designation by the time our state legislators break for their summer session.

As more and more Tennessee law enforcement officials are now bringing drug induced homicide charges against drug dealers who kill, those dealers who choose to sell their illicit and deadly substances to minors better sit up and take notice. Henry’s Law provides investigators and district attorneys with a powerful new tool in their toolbox for fighting back against the reckless opiate distributors in our communities, including drug dealing physicians.


If you have any questions about Henry’s Law, ask me in the comments below.

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